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Decision made - celestron nexstar 127SLT - but what accessories??

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Ok, after much thought and research I have decided to plump for the celestron nexstar 127 MAK - there is a post further down the page that I started regarding my criteria and reasoning behind it.

I've deliberately 'underspent' on the 'scope compared with my max budget as I realise there is significant other expenditure for accessories required, but I'm wondering what would people deem 'essential' or very useful to get straight away and what can wait?

I've already got a great book - "turn left at orion" and a cheap but OK set of 10X50 bins which I have been using to view and learn the sky for the last 6 months or so. and i've got a copy of stellarium on the laptop and iStellar on my iphone. Any other books? star charts etc that would be recommended at this stage?

I've been reading about the revelation eyepiece kit which looks like a great set for this 'scope - but is it worth getting with the scope or waiting a few months?

I'm guessing a power supply would also be a good idea - I notice that skywatcher and celestron have power packs, but I'm also guessing that maplin or similar sell something suitable - any suggestions there?

I'm planning to look at webcam photography at some point in the future but probably not for a while as I don't want to run before I can walk, however with that in mind it is worth looking at accessories with this in mind, or getting stuff now if there is something particularly good value on sale anywhere right now.

Any other suggestions / ideas?

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Hi Alex,

I don't think you'll regret your choice. Contrary to popular belief, a 127mm Mak will show you many deep sky objects, including all of the Messier objects visible from your location, (although some will not be seen at their best). In addition, these telescopes are also very good lunar/planetary instruments.

As far as accessories are concerned, a power tank of some kind is a must - the SLT mount, (like most others), will eat through AA batteries in no time. A 17AH 'jump starter' from Maplin should do nicely, (you can go for the cheaper one without the compressor).

A dew shield of some kind is also compulsory. On some particularly dewey nights, observing sessions will last less than half an hour without one. You can buy ready-made flexible dewshields, or you can make your own but, whatever you decide, you'll be glad you got one.

As for eyepieces, I would hold off on buying any for a while. Use the ones supplied with you telescope for a while until you get a better idea of what objects you prefer to observe, and how. Trust me - this approach will save you money in the long term...

I hope this helps.


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Thanks for all that. Will hold off the eyepieces for now.

how would one make a diy dew shield?

What power does that mount take? Is it just 12vdc unreguated from a car battery (more like 13 to 14 vdc most of the time) if so I can diy something fairly cheaply from what i've got lying around at home

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i have this power tank from maplins. it powers my celestron goto mount alll night long with power to spare.

its currently on offer at £25 until 10th Aug, and it includes jump leads and air compressor in case of emergencies:

Portable Jump Starter and Air Compressor : InCar Battery Chargers and Compressors : Maplin

Although i do suggest getting a cigarette lighter extension lead since the supplied lead is incredibly short!


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Yep, just plain ol' 12vDC. Some people use a regulated psu, (also available from Maplin), but most just use a jump starter pack or leisure battery.

Be sure to get the correct cable for you mount though - it's not worth risking your mounts electronics for the sake of a couple of quid...

These links should help:

Astronomiser - Automated Astronomy and AstroImaging Solutions (Scroll down)


Cable 93920 / 93922 for Celestron NexStar PC connection on eBay (end time 15-Aug-10 05:24:17 BST)


USB Cable 93920 for Celestron NexStar PC connection 5m on eBay (end time 24-Jul-10 14:13:06 BST)

Once again, I hope this helps.


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Do you know anyone who you could borrow eyepieces from to try on your scope?

I also bought an eyepiece set and ended up only using two eyepieces from it regularly. Looking back, I wish I had bought those two separately as I could have either saved a bit of money or bought better quality. However, I could only find out what EPs I liked using with my scope by buying a set and experimenting so I've treated it as a learning experience.

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just bought one of those from maplin - as one of our cars has a temperamental battery - 2 birds with one stone!

I don't know anybody yet, however I will try and get involved in some local clubs / events and meet a few other people.

Thanks for all the advice.

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I purchased the same Telescope and steamed in and purchased the Revelation Eyepiece kit - compared to the original lens in my opinion they are an improvement.

I made my dew shield from a camping matt from Tesco 4.50

Using a cigarette lighter lead for power at dark site - still not had a chance to try out.

Power tank not purchased yet!

Be good to know what the tank is like with the 127 SLT

have fun


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Hi :eek:

Congratulations on your purchase. I brought a NexStar 4SE Mak from FLO and I got a fantastic Astro Zap dew shield free of charge for my trouble! If you are looking for a decent shield I would recommend them, they are flock lined on the inside and held to gether by velcro, totally eliminated any dew problems and it packs flat for storage.

Dew Prevention

I was concerned about making up a power pack and to be honest couldn't be bothered to get involved making one. I have had previous bad experiences making up my own power packs and ended up frying the object I intended to power!;)

For the extra 50 quid it wasn't worth the risk to me damaging the mount. I purchased a Skywatcher 7 Ah power pack on FLO's advice and its the business. Got two or three nights viewing out of it between charges. It also comes with a power lead, is fully fused and has a milli-trip in case things short out to protect your kit!

If you are thinking of building your own my advice is make sure its at least fused to your mount!


I purchased a Revelation EP set and to be honest its really great as its a photo / visual set. The only lens I don't like is the 9mm as the eye relief is too close for a spectacle wearer. I purchased a Celestron XCel 8mm and what a difference in both eye relief and FOV. Though I would certainly take a look a Baader lenses when the time comes. In MHO I think you need one or two EP to get you going and the revelation set won't break the bank. Sky at Night mag did a test on it and it came first in class, so its a nice set. It also comes with a barlow and filters as well as a nice useful case that can take additional lenses, the case alone is worth £20!

Eyepiece Sets - Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit

:icon_eek: I've just noticed its no longer on offer, I paid about half that price so maybe shop around. You may get one cheap or secondhand.

As for additional kit I would get a solar filter, so you can enjoy your telescope during these long summer days and get used to it by the winter. :D

Clear skies


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