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Repainting my c11

kris h

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I am thinking about doing this because it has got some noticeable

scratches on the tube but most of all the grey colour is horrible

has anyone ever done something like this on here and if so could

you give me some advice on what paint you used i know taking

apart my scope can be very dangerous so i dont plan to do this by

myself any advice or tips would be great

cheers kris h

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i did a repaint on my 76mm skywatcher blue mini newt which was dented and scratched. I used it as a practise to hone my skills. I would however recommend stripping the scope completely as spray paint gets everywhere despite masking. I used a scaffold pole inside the tube with a rubber mallet to flatten the dent then rubbed the tube down, it doesnt have to be bare metal as long as its smooth. Next take a can of high fill primer (halfords, £6 for 500ml) build up coats rubbing down with 1200 wet and dry as you go, about 5 or 6 coats should be enough. Next up is white primer (£6 for 500ml from halfords) (if your scope will be finished white) another 5 or 6 coats with a rub down in between. Check the finish carefully, primer flatters to deceive, it looks fantastic but the least ripple or dent will be magnified by topcoat x10. Let the different types of coat cure for at least 48 hours between applications. When youre happy with the final finish use a can of household appliance white gloss paint (halfords £8 for 500ml) and apply the coats at right angles to each other. Use sparingly (to ensure no runs) and use the finest grade wet and dry in between. I got about 20 coats from the 500ml but then it is a mini newt (focal length 300mm) Now i baked my ota in the oven in the kitchen at 75 degrees for 45 minutes after the last coat and then left it to dry for the weekend before giving it a quick buff with some t-cut and a soft cloth, you should leave it a further week at least before attempting to refit the accessories but i dont think you'll fit anything larger than a mini newt in a domestic oven, it shouldnt be needed anyway but you'll need to let the paint cure. You should be left with a lovely smooth hardwearing white finish... i'll post pics as soon as i can, still working on the home made mini dob base and contending with working ridiculous shift patterns at the moment

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Why dont you just get it re skinned go see a sheet metal worker and have a skin made if you cant find someone i know a guy in Manchester who has done one for me

And he made a fantastic job

Let me know and i will put you in touch

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Would repainting the inside of the tube darker improve viewing as you can see from this pic the inside of the tube is reflecting alot of light can anyone recommend the right type of paint for this sort of job


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I have touched up my C11 inside with selfadhesive black velour foil, works absolutely perfect. You also can use flat (matte) black blackboard paint, but the velour foil works in my opinion best. You should remove fluffs carefully, using those selfadhesive rollers also used for clothes.

The contrast improvement reached is really worth the lot of work :-))

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Probably the best way would be to have it powder coated, this is the most durable paint and is what the original paint is. However, this means you would need to completely strip out the glass, mechanics and anything that may melt.

Stripping scopes is actually much easier than it sounds and there are a number of guides on the web.

The next best option would be an car body shop.

I would never try to respray myself as, even though I am good with DIY etc, I was disappointed with the results when I tried.

Just my opinion of course


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I found a vid the other day but it only shows removing the correcter

plate and the front cell

the back of my scope has a lot of screws can you unscrew and leave the mirror and focuser attached to the back sell and remove from the body of the scope that way or is that a daft idea :D

any vid links would be a big help :)

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