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Televue adapter

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My old barlow would just unscrew from its holder and straight on to the (1 1/4 inch?) thread on my T-adapter nose-piece. However, the Televue seems to have its own proprietary (just to be awkward?) thread - does anyone know what adapter I'll need? I've been googling unsuccessfully...



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Sorry can't help you... I sold all my TV barlows and bought the Powermates instead.

Why do you want to dissassemble the Barlow? Can't the 1.25" nosepiece adaptor be used in the end of the orginal barlow?


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I can insert the camera+T adapter into the barlow as it is, but then the DSLR is sticking quite far out from the OTA, causing all kinds of warping and bending. With the barlow lens attached to the T-adapter itself, the camera is nice and flush up to the focuser (the whole adapter is held within the focuser). Also, I get a better FOV.

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