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Hallo from Greece ,

my name is Nicholas and the reason that I am writing IS BECAUSE :

Recently I found THE PHILIPS SPC900NC and I bought it , but things are not going well according to all these good reviews that I have read here and there , it seems that I am the only one who has so many problems quality wise , with this camera.

The streaming image that I get is either blurry or very crispy or with a lot of artifacts making it so difficult to focus on anything in the night sky.

So I opened my camera and I made some photos of the inside that I would appreciate if you can check it and tell me your opinion.

I think I don’t have an original version of the Philips.

Please if you think its true , help me to post these photos as NOT ORIGINAL VERSION of philips spc900nc.

If you need bigger size of these pics I can send them to you.

please check a snapshot that i took and check for the details on the white walls on the corners and on a small red light that is located on the right at the upper end of the photo.

I would appreciate your comments

Kind Regards







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Nikolas, what settings are you running the camera at ? It's a usb1 camera and this means that if you push the frame rate above about 10 fps, then the streamed video gets compressed and this can introduce artefacts. Have you replaced the lens with a 1.25" nose piece ?

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The snapshot i have taken is at full auto mode , and is running on 15fps , if i switch the frames to above 25fps then i dont have so many artifacts or lines but the image gets blurry.

Yes i have used the adapter for telescope but i get the same results.

My laptop is an acer 8942g , nvidia geforce250m which i think is a good(strong)configuration.

The only thing that worries me is that maybe is my monitor because its a 1080p full HD and only 60Hz and i think that maybe this is no good for the camera image(maybe cannot support it).But i have tryied it on my desktop pc and the results are the same.


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