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First go at the moon!


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Hi all

Had a go at the moon last night with my Nikon D40, the lens was a 18-55mm lens set at f5.6, and the sutter speed was at 200(what ever that is..of a sec?) the camera was on a standard tripod.

Anyway i happy with what i got after trying different setting, let me know what some of you think please.


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That's a very fine first effort SW. The moon isn't such an easy subject to Image. Experiment a little with your cameras aperture settings and exposures, and record what works best during the moons different Phases.


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That's a very fine effort for only 55mm and the crop you've done to the image. The shutter speed is in terms of 1/speed seconds... so 200 is 1/200 second. It looks a little overexposed, you can't trust the meter to get it right, even using spot metering.

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