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SXVR-H18 Flat Field with 1.25" Filters...

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Good read, Richie. It looks like even the Genesis gives a decent flat with the small filters. (While I could consider, just, running to an Atik 11000 it is the extra grand-and-a-bit for the big filters and wheel that scream NO!!)


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Thanks Olly... I know exactly what you mean on the large filters. In my excitement, I didn't consider the filters until later on in the save cycle.

Yeah - is a bit of an annoyance at the moment, but I am cropping things down anyway at the moment, so that reduces the effect even more.

My eventual justification was that with the greater pixel density of the H18, even if I had to crop down to the same Field of View as the H9, I'd still have 4 times the resolution... That being said, I am (shock horror) thinking of selling the H9!!! The choice is between filters or a Canon 500D though, so still no proper solution!



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