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A first attempt

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My first go at imaging with a webcam and scope. Taken about half an hour before sunset, with the moon quite low in the sky.

Philips ToUcam PRO II, SW 150PL on EQ-2/3 with dual-axis motors. No barlow.

Captured using K3CCD then processed with RegiStax - trying to follow the instructions in Martin's excellent primer. 90 seconds at 10 frames/second.

Theophilus and Mare Nectaris top left, Santbech dead centre.

I used Fracastorius B & Santbech C (according to the Full Moon Atlas) as the alignment area.

A little bit of tweaking using GIMP to set the levels and convert to greyscale. I captured in colour hoping to include the pale blue sky - but that part failed.

I'm reasonably happy with the result - my goal was just to go through the process and see how it all fits together. Focussing was my main problem - the mount is not very rigid and the standard SW focuser is not that great for fine tuning (well, not in my clumsy hands). Clearly something I need to practice.

I had a couple more goes, but the results were not as good - partly I think because I didn't get the focus any better, the moon was hovering just over my neighbour's (warm) roof, and I think I was going the wrong way with the settings in k3ccd. The third image was using a SW 2x barlow - which only emphasises my poor focussing.

I got the webcam just over a week ago and this was my first opportunity to use it. I would like to have ago at Jupiter later tonight, but it looks like the clouds are rolling in again :eek:.

I welcome any comments, good or bad, but preferably constructive.




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Was just outside taking pictures an hour ago, distinctly remember looking at that crater pattern (if that's a way to word it) in your third picture. Nice pictures.

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Great images Chiz they have got good detail

too bad about the clouds i would of liked to ov seen what you

jupiter image would have turned out like :eek:

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great pics, really good for your first attempt. hope my first go at it it as successful

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