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Polar align

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O.K so I have been star hoping for a while now, and so far to be honest I have not seen much to impress me (Mainly due to the fact I didn't know where/what to look at)

Now thanks to Turn Left at Orion I am getting a little more interested. However since buying my laser collimator and getting my scope set right (for the first time) we have had nothing but cloud.

Anyway when the cloud clears I would like to set my scope up properly and Polar Align it. However my back garden faces South. I have looked but am very confused on how to Polar align a scope in a South facing Garden that I can't see Polaris in.

Any Advice.

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I am using a 6" Meade Reflector on an EQ1 stand. I have just checked Stellarium and I should be able to see Polaris. I must be missing something. When the cloud clears I will have a look again.

I am correct in saying Polaris is the brightest star you can see in teh North? I know this might be a dumb question but I have to check, I get so lost when looking at the night sky

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I am by no means an expert having only owned a scope for a couple of months,but if you have a copy of TLAO and have downloaded stellarium then you should refer to them again....identify the constallations ursa major and minor and use them to identify polaris...Great bear was right in saying there are brighter stars in the sky:)

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South is the way to face as that's where all the action is. The pole star is just off the zenith a few feet, so if you've a clear view up and to the north a bit then you'll see it. To locate polaris google "finding the pole star". On a clear night it is very easy to find using the plough and casseopeia. It's not so bright visually but it does stand out in an otherwise big patch of dark sky.

Hope that helps :)

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Thanks for the advise I have just been out as we have a clear spell. The first for quite a few days. I have found Polaris, and your right not as bright as I thought. So back to the guides on Polar aligning and time to try.

While out and waitig for my scope to cvool down I had a quick view of the moon. Look for my thread in Lunar observing.

Thanks for all the advice.

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