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I know what you mean Russ i was a fan of maksutov cassegrains ( different design i know ) i had two meade f15 7" maks nice scopes, that is untill i I started using high end Orion optics mirrors, my 10 " 1/10th wave absolutely killed my f15 7" mak at half its price.

I would easily put a challenge with my 10" orion newt against that mak newtonian Russ, i reckon my 10" would win, dont need to spend as much as one would think for good planetary scopes.

A C 9.25 or C11, tried selling my 1/12 th pv SPX 300 orion for 1300 quid on here, but no takers, that would also eat that scope alive i reckon, might get another season with the 12" on jupiter, as i still havent put it up anywhere else, cant be bothered most of the time, even though i need the dosh. I thought a lot about planetary scopes, the orion 1/10th pv Europa can not be beaten on price or performance i dont think, skywatcher newts maybe ? but i would still rather a 1/ 10 th pv orion mirror, more chance of it being a diamond he he than a black diamond

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