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M8 - with a bit more thought this time


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I think I rushed the processing the first time around with the M8 I posted a week ago or so. So I thought I'd have another go at reselecting the best subs and restacking with a bit more thought to what is going on. I think I have achieved what I was after so here's the new and improved version.

The Lagoon Nebula sits not that far from the Trifid Nebula a little to the left of Sagitarius. It's about 5000 light years away and there's a whole lot of star forming going on.

It's from 34 X 360sec exposures at ISO400

My gear for this image:

Skywatcher 250px

EQ6 Syntrek

Skywatcher ST80

QYH5 guide camera

Canon 1000D modded with the filter removed

Guidemaster was used to drift align

PHD guiding was used for guiding

EQMOD was used to guide the mount

Cdc was used to find the right part of the sky

DSS was used to stack all of the images

PixInsight 1.6 was used for the processing

An annoying horse that nudged everything out of alignment when it stuck it's big fat head over the fence.


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Lovely image, the natural spikes give the image some flare to it, im jealous about the clear skies you have, maybe the horse wanted a peak through the eyepiece at the horsehead :)


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Thanks Alan and Skyhermit - I'm not sure the horse improved the activity other than forcee to check everything a bit more often in case it tried a repeat.:eek:

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Another fine delivery from Down Under Sam.

You are a great link to these Southern gems.

Good tip, hang a bag of oats on the fence further down from where you are.:eek:


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