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Possibly the problem with eos utils on the 300D is that the max exposure over just USB connection is 30s

How are you triggering the camera for long exposures...?

A simple to build Serial Shutter release cable - about £5 of componets for the optisolator version and Yoddha's AstroPhotography Tools (APT) - which has got to be the best 12 euros you will ever spend will do the job nicely...


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I got it going with the eos util and dss to view.

Im just using a simple cable release shutter at the moment. But i like the idea of the full automation, so i think i will be giving the serial cable a go.

With the laptop not having serial; do you happen to know if a standered serial to usb convetor work with that?

Thanks again,


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Here's a link to the serial Cable info...

Cable Release and Serial Port Cable for the EOS Digital Rebel

I have always use the one based on the opto isolator...

I have used a couple of different USB to serial adaptors and they have all worked...

DSLR Shutter DSLR Shutter is a freebie util for running sequences of Images but I use APT as i can control multiple cameras form the same computer...


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Hi Michael,

I just got a new Canon 1000D and it came with a whole image software suit free so its all available. The drivers and such will be for my 1000D but the other software will be for any Canon I would think.

Here's a link:

Official Canon Drivers and Software

Canon digital Professional

Picture Style editor

EOS Utility

Zoom Browser EX

Its all licenced though free so should be available on the Canon website (see link)



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Never mind which version of the Canon software you use you wont get longer than 30s exposure just using the USB lead with the older canon cameras...

The Eos utils interface changes depending on what camera it detects


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