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Raw Jupiter stacks for processing


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Here are some of my raw stacks from avis I've made recently. Feel free to play with them, post results and ask for tips :)

- Jupiter f/20, f/28

- QHY5v f/15, f/20 raw stacks

Each set in the zip files consist of IR and R,G,B channel raw stacks from 1000 frames (from Autostakkert) or 1500-2000 frames for the Jupiter with moons (Registax)

I initially processed QHY raws with maximum entropy deconvolution but on later images I found out that strong wavelets and optional blur is better for IR-RGB color combinations (R,G,B blurry, IR sharp) - wavelets in registax, then fix levels a bit, and if the channel is grainy/noisy - mild or strong gausian blur. Such processed channels I've stacked to Ir-RGB.


HE is watching you :D

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Not sure your zips are working they didnt for me but my dongle is the pits so that might be the cause ? i dont have the software or the knowledge ( never tried ) to do rgb processing yet. But i would like to say thats a great amount of detail you pulled out, and if just detail retrieval is your only aim then ignore my comments, each to there own, but for me a fine balance between detail and naturalness has to be struck, and i think you went a little to far with the example shown, you may dissagree, and if so, as i say just ignore my comments, but less is often more, others here may also dissagree, as i say each to there own. But thats still a great image it has to be said, a far cry from your pollen early ones Rik

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That was made with wavelets without gausian blur so it's grainy a bit. For the animations I used gausian blur and small unsharp mask for IR so the image wasn't so grainy.

I've checked the ZIP files and they look OK. I've packaged them with Total Commander. Maybe you are using winrar (which sometimes doesn't work correctly with zip files)?

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