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Not 100% sure they are for sale yet here in the UK. Have the idea that they are advertised but not yet available/in stock. Could be wrong, but if available it is very recent.

Saw a similar question over on Cloudy Nights, only a few replies as it is still new, but people that had one said it was very good.

Seems that for July 4th WO had it on a special offer:hello2:, could have got it cheaper then.:):eek::D:eek:

At 120 f/7.5 it should be pretty good for CA, if any of significance.

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Called my retailer here in Sweden yesterday and he had sold a few and the customers seemed very pleased with it's performance.

Today I have a Megrez 72 and a 6" 762mm/f5 reflector, so perhaps a 900mm/f7.5 refractor would rule out my reflector, or what do you guys think?

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From what I've heard it's the same optics as the SkyWatcher Equinox 120, but in a WO tube assembly.

Unfortunately it's got that 3.5" DDG focuser, which I've found from personal experience is perhaps the worst Crayford focuser I've ever used. Leaving aside the bright blue light that the display uses you can actually move the drawtube from side to side and can with gentle pressure rotate the drawtube 5 or 6mm. Not very solid !!!

A week after I got my FLT 98 with the 3.5" DDG focuser I ordered a 3" FeatherTouch and now I love the scope. If I hadn't replaced the focuser I would have returned the scope.


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