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Lowest Full Moon of 2010 (pastel drawing)


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Sketching the Moon with pastel is becoming the most satisfying part of the hobby for me. Especially during midsummer, when the nights aren't dark from my home so deep-sky isn't even an option. During winter I hated the Moon for ruining my deep-sky views in those rare clear nights, but this summer I discovered that the Moon is one of the most rewarding targets to view and to sketch. Thank you, summer twillight! wink.gif

This is the sketch I made on june 27. It was the lowest full moon of 2010 and it hovered beautifully above the neighbours roof. I took my little 60mm f/6,9 refractor, put it on the desk in my hobby room and started to draw the Moon with a white pastel pencil on black A3-paper. The disk of the Moon is 8" in diameter. The sketch took 2 hours to complete.

26/27 juni: de laagste Volle Maan van het jaar Roelblog

(click on image in link for a large version)

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That is fantastic Roel. I once tried sketching part of the Moon to find after half an hour that I had produced a drawing that could have been done by a 5 year old. Your sketch looks very realistic - you have a good eye.


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That is a great skill you have Roel. It is a very realistic picture, and the Ray Systems and Maria, are excellent. Sir Patrich Moore would be delighted if he could see that pastel sketch

Ron :).

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That's a fantastic rendering Roel, and very realistic looking. It can't have been easy to do in reverse (white on black) - Do you have any formal artistic training?

You should frame the original and hang it somewhere. Well done. :)

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Thanks everyone!

It can't have been easy to do in reverse (white on black)

That is true, however I thought that white pastel on black paper could never be as detailed as common graphite on white paper, because of the softness of the pastel pencils. So I never bothered to try. After I saw some great pastel sketches on the Cloudynights forum I decided to give it a try and I bought one white pastel pencil and one sheet of A3 paper. Just drawing larger compensates for not being able to sketch tiny details.

This drawing is the 4th one ever for me using pastel, but I'm hooked now!

Do you have any formal artistic training?

Thanks a lot for that compliment, but I don't.

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