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Erwin Kats

5 days in france

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Hey peeps,

last week i went to Verclause in southern france.

to the remote observatory ROSA from Karel Teuwen.

(ill put some pics online soon in an other topic)

the first night we had an amazing clear sky, so setting everything up quickly.

i took my losmandy G-11, QSI 583 WS with baader 7nm Ha filter, orion guidescope and some lenses etc, but i only used the 70-200 2.8 is and 17-40 4 with the QSI.

so the first night i have been taking 10x10 minuts on widefield of cygnus. i substracted 20 darks chip was cooled to -10 degrees celcius.


the day after i did some imaging with the dslr, still have to process those results.

that day after.... i did the north america and the pelican nebula on 200mm in 5x10 minuts ( there were clouds coming, and 2 of the stacked pics included some clouds, thats why it looks a bit saturated )

again used 20 darks on -10


the last night, i went with the qsi looking at sadr were the butterfly is hiding out.

because of some clouds also i could only use 2 frames, so its a stack of 2x20 minuts, no darks were used ( no bias or flats also for all the results )

a 6mb result can be seen here here i mean



these are my best results till so far, and i am a very happy guy at the moment :)

kindly regards, Erwin Kats

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Brilliant Erwrin! In that first image you have covered half a lifetime of long focal length imaging. It is an amazing picture, the best I have seen in a single frame.

You know you were only about 20 Km from me in a straight line so next time you are there you should call in. It is a winding road over the Col de Reychasset but not difficult and it would be great to meet you.


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Nice collection of images, Erwin. Are you satisfied with your first time out with the ASA DDM 85?

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@olly, thanks ! , and o no, i was googling on les granges but i found several other places but it was not even near verclause :D

but nice to know for next time, maybe september ill go to verclause again :)

@Peter, and even without a falling setup :)

@Simon, thanks, and good luck in france !

@Maurice,als thanks :) it was with the g-11, the ddm is not ready for field usage yet :p

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Lovely captures :) Really puts Cygnus into perspective - I had to spend quite a bit of time looking at the first widefield to 'orientate' myself



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Erwin, thanks for the images. This is my favourite bit of the forum, and widefield shots like that are just breathtaking, great way to start my weekend.


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