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Just got my new focuser and...

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I am just wondering what all the hex screws on the underside do?

I can see the focus lock knob and the four collimation screws which I have no idea how to adjust. There are a pair set below the focus lock and another pair on the top side which I don't what they do. I can see two pairs on the baseplate which I assume are to detach the baseplate.

And the three in a row between the collimation screws I assume are used to adjust the pressure of the roller on the flat surface, how tight should these be?

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I have deduced that the three in a row are for adjusting the pressure of the roller. I have found though that the movement of the drawtube makes a grinding sounds so I'll take time tomorrow to disassemble the focuser and regrease with a lithium based grease from OO.

The baseplate also appears to be too small as I was expecting I guess I will need the astroboot plate to fit the focuser to the scope, I hope I ordered the correct one :)

I have found that the two pairs of screws on the baseplate hold it to the focuser mount and only require loosening slightly for them to clear a flared rim and the plate to be removed so I can fit my new one. It dispatched today ad 17:15 via signed for delivery so I am hoping that they made the post and it will be with me by tomorrow :D

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