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Alternative to the Meade 5000 80mm ED APO Triplet

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Came across this scope from Telescope Service and thought it would be an interesting alternative to the Meade 5000 80mm ED APO Triplet Refractor. Although the Meade comes with a diagonal it uses Hoya FCD1 glass (equivelent to FPL-51 O'Hara) whereas this TS triplet uses FPL-53 O'Hara glass. Price is very attractive as well.

TS Triplet FPL-53 APO 80 / 480 - f/6

Price aprox £545.00 plus shipping


- Triplet APO 80/480mm lens with air gap

- FPL -53 O`Hara for optimal color

- Retractable dew shield

- A transport length of just 355mm

- Universal attachment plate with tripod connection

- 2 " Crayford Focuser with 1:11 reduction

- Supplied in sturdy aluminum carrying case


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While I was thinking about a new small scope, something compact and portable for purely visual use, this is better than I'd really need. Still it does look very interesting doesn't it! :D

It's all the fault of that **** thread about a grab'n'go scope where the subject of the Megrez 72 came up which reminded me of the Megrez 72 that I foolishly sold a while ago. So should I get another Megrez 72 or something else in the 72 to 80mm range?

Of course I could allways sell the Astro-Professional TMB 80mm f/11.25 achro to cover the extra cost :)


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Have you seen the SD66 and Megrez 70 that are on UK Buy'n'sell? The 66 has only just gone on for £170 and the 70 went on yesterday for £199.

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Yes I saw the 70 but the 72 has better optics, so I set that as my minimum spec. I've used the 70 as well as my old 72 and I was a bit disappointed in the 70, as while it's certainly a very good scope it lacked the overall sharpness and contrast of the 72.


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