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Best selling telescope of all time??


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Over the years we've seen some telescope suppliers come and go. Model's seem to change every year.

What instrument do you think would be "the world's most popular telescope of all time" in terms to total sales???

I'd guess it would be the original Orange Celestron C8 SCT, or maybe the 3" Unitron......

What do you think?

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Probably the C8 would be my guess - the small Unitrons were probably more abundant at one time but their cost would have always made them for the elite only whereas the C8 has been round long enough for its cost to be reduced.

Astro seems to be a pretty popular hobby these days and I guess as the C8 has been around in many guises for a long time its probably the best seller.

On the other hand Tasco must have shifted an awful lot of their smaller scopes over time to beginners and Edmund Scientific have been shifting their strange plastic thing for a long time as well.

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Meade claim it is the ETX 90, but i think it was Tasco, with the 60mm refractor, Second the 4.5in newtonian would probably both be on top. In the late 80's and early 90's they were all over the place.


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Surely its a 3" refractor....

How many of these have been sold? Consider the ones we look on as toys including all the ones we had as children. Oh and don't forget that an 80mm is considered a 3" too.

On the other hand it might well be the 30mm or 50mm refractors we get with most scopes named above, we call them finder scopes....:)

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I would also say:

1. 60mm f700mm Tasco/Towa/etc. az refractor. Same scope, dozens of brand names.

2. 114mm f900mm Tasco/Towa/etc. EQ Newtonian. The white one, with the 3 vane treaded bar spider, the 24mm finderscope and flimsy wooden tripod. Unchanged from mid 60's to late 80's.

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