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NLC's - 9th July

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An amazing display down here in the south east last night... Was out in the garden with a drink, and they were clearly visible, far wider than the display I saw last year, as that couldn't be seen from my garden as there's a tree in the way.

So I hopped over the road with the camera and had a watch and shot some frames...




and a couple of Pano's...

An early one (6 pane)


and a later one (8 pane)


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Very nice and wern't you lucky to see them so clearly!

Whereabouts in the southeast did you see them, I've been looking for them for about 3 months here between Horsham and Guildford.


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Thanks Guys...

John, from Horsham... Only seen them the once this year... and that was more by luck I think, I'll take luck when it happens though. There was something on facebook that there might be some tonight...

I did look at that Paul... but it looks like the way to submit them is via facebook... not sure about that personally.

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