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Jupiter and Io - 10 July 2010


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Grabbed a dawn viewing of Jupiter with my 16" LB. Seeing mostly average III. My eyes were getting tired !!

16" x215 magnification


System I - 62 degrees

System II - 240 degrees

Io had just exited from a transit of the disk and was very close in at the NEB latitude. Plenty of activity in the NEB and in the Equatorial Zone. SEB latitude was interesting - seemed to be lots of low contrast activity going on. Could it be the prelude to a SEB revival??

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Very nice- we had AI-II for a few minutes and at 400x Io's surface was not uniform! Orange colour completely unmistakable!

You know, I was wondering if I could see some colour to Io, but couldn't be sure. My eyes were getting tired.

That is really cool that you got some surface unconformity. I'm going to have to crank up the power and properly study Io next time

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