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Supatrak Mounted 25x100 binos


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This morning I knocked up a quick adaptor to mount my 25x100 Binoculars on the Supatrak mount I picked up for £5 the other week and that was complete with the tripod , finder and 1145P with its ep's and barlow :)..

The mount was a Supascan mount without the Synscan Az Controller - a replacement Synscan AZ was way to expensive so I "risked" £10 on the boot for the simpler Supascan Alt/Az controller.

The "original" fault was a dodgy DC input Jack so £1.86 for a new Jack and we had a working Alt/Az Motorised tracking mount for the big bins or aything else that has a standard tripod bush on the bottom... :D



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I wasnt sure if you cold use a Supatrak (Alt/Az) handset on a SupaScan ( which uses Alt/Az version of the Sysnscan Controller) mount but I reckoned seeing you can use a Syntrek Controller on a Synscan (EQ) mount then it was worth a punt...

By defualt the mount/Controller powers up with tracking disabled so its ideal for terestrial use... Trackign shipping in the Bristol Channel etc...

What to do tomorrow...?

I need to get hold of a 1/4 BSW knurled knob.. trip to the boot I think...


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