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Hello all ;)

I was just wondering if any one has tried this or has any coments good or bad, as i am thinking about it as an option. Could this be better than say an ST80? as it looks to be more dedicated to guided + you get the rings included...which i need still.

Any help advice or alternatives would be apreciated. :)



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That scope is a 670mm focal length, compared to the 400mm focal length of the ST80. This has an effect on the FOV. Guide cameras tend to have very small sensors, and this also reduces the fov. With my Konus (ST80 clone) and my QHY5v guide camera, I would have been fine with standard tube rings (not the collimatible ones) as I've not, so far, had to realign the guide scope.

There are plenty of people using longer focal length scopes for guiding though.

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