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Interesting footage of Apollo 11 landing


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Evening all, i stumbled across this excellent clip of the actual Apollo Eagle landing camera alongside the recent LRO mapping of the lunar surface, showing the landmarks now and then as the Eagle passes them, awesome.

Sorry if its been posted before, but i was amazed by it.



Just make sure you put it in full screen mode.

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I hadn´t seen it but that is fantastic, it confirms what I suspected though....its just a film lot and they built an exact replica of every single crater on that part of the moon and just flew over it....probably used flour for the dust that gets kicked up...

That is an excellent video...I would love to know what the real conspiracy theorists think of that!

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I have to admit as to being a slightly 'questioning' believer, but over the past few months i've read, watched and studied the Apollo program and am a believer now. Its going to become a more firm reality when the LRO hits its optimal orbit and the pics are crystal clear.

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I'm a 110% believer.

The Americans were in the height of the cold war. Do you think that the Russians would have kept quiet about it if it wasn't true?. It's well documented that they had agents throughout the US establishment (and still do from the sound of things!)

And they also knew perfectly well where the transmissions were originating. If it had been from some film set in the US somewhere, they would have had a field day ;)

Plus...look at the way things move in the footage from the moon. That's not slow motion. It's 1/6 gravity, and certainly couldn't be simulated perfectly back then, nor even now TBH. :)



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