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Connecting A laptop to HEQ6 pro mount what cable(s) do i need?

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Do i need a cable to connect the laptop to the mount or does it go into the handset from the laptop?

Ive read on some posts that you also need an adaptor as well?

i am about to buy a laptop and i might as well get the cables i need from the same place, altho ive also read some cables look the same but arnt!..its getting very confusing!..help!!!!;)

ps, not sure if it make any difference but i want to use Stellarium to control the mount.

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if you've got the computer update cable which comes with the NEQ6 then all you need is a serial adaptor to fit your laptop.

Most new machines have only USB sockets so a USB>Serial adaptor is what you want. I use Keyspan adpators, never let me down in the last three years.

This will allow you to connect the handcontroller ( in PCDirect mode)to the Laptop and hence send data to control the mount.

I use Carte du Ciel to control the mount......


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thanks themos/Ken, much appreciated.

As i already have the cable that ken mentions that came with the mount, ive decided to go kens route (for the time been until the missus forgets about the new laptop!) and i have ordered a usb2 serial adaptor off ebay.

Ken, is there any specific reason you use Carte du Ciel to control your mount?, it just seems like every one on here uses Stellarium to control thiers.

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The CdC V3 is a star mapping program, not a planetarium program.

No fancy ( well there are some...) bells and whistles, just a good solid program which will allow to to control your mount, and has all the star, deepsky, variable star databases you could ever ask for.

It can use the latest UCAC star database and show stars to almost 20 mag.

"A good solid performer" *****

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Thanks Ken, ive downloaded CdC v3 and i will have a play around with it later, it doesnt seem to run as smooth as Stellarium when i had a little play earlier.

Peter, i assume your using Stellarium? have you had to overcome any problems setting everything up the way you have?

Am i right in thinking you still use the handset to input all the atime/date settings etc, then go to the laptop to do the star allignment or can you completely by pass the handset even though the laptop is going through it?

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I am using CdC or TheSky6...

I havent done much with it yet though... Seeign as i enjoy widefield imagign , most of the time I don't use the "advanced" capabilities of the mount I just use it for Sidereal tracking I dont even bother carrying out the alignment procedures just use the polar scope to align the mount and a Ball and Socket head to point the camera in the direction of the "target"...


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