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Iss gets a tie fighter observation deck window!!


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I was watching the latest sky at night the other night and nearly spat my coffee out when showing the iss observation deck .....i thought ive seen that design somewhere before!wouldnt it be fantastic if space vehicles in the future resembled are favorite sci fi ships.....could we see a real xwing fighter or a star trek enterprise:D



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iss observation deck .....i thought ive seen that design somewhere before!

Sensible solution to the pressure gradient problem. There are lots of similarilties between the glazed nose of a Boeing B29 and that of a Heinkel 111 - same reason; similar design requirement, similar engineering solution. All that it proves is that the designer of the ficticious Tie Fighter knew a little about real engineering.

A far more sensible design would be to dispense with the window altogether and use video cameras to project an image onto an interior screen. There might be issues with resolution etc. which would affect the real ISS but, given the technical advances required to produce the Tie Fighter, surely not by then.

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