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Installing ASCOM Drivers

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I am trying to set up PHD on my little Asus eee laptop so that I can use it for guiding.

When I try to connect to my mount, it says that it needs the ASCOM drivers for the mount.

On the ASCOM website, I've downloaded the drivers plus the latest ASCOM platform (5.5.1 I think).

However, when I try to install the ASCOM platform, I get a message that it needs platform 5a to install.

It's a fresh Windows XP (SP3) install - I've also installed the .NET 3.5 framework on it.

Does anyone know where I can get the older version of the platform in order to kickstart the install?

Alternatively, does anyone have any experience of installing the latest platform on an eee runing Windows XP SP3?

I spent about 5 hours last night trying to get the platform installed, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated ;)

Many thanks,


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You need to download the Ascom platform first before installing the updater. The Ascom platform can be downloaded by pressing the blue download button just above the link to the platform 5.5 updater link (top right of screen on the Ascom homepage).


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Many thanks for the info, I've found the problem now.

It appears to have been between the keyboard and the chair :) - the MSI installer file I downloaded was corrupt. I've downloaded it again, and it appears to be working now.

Thanks again ;)


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