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HEQ5 Polarscope in the Southern Hemisphere?

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Hi All,

Am looking at purchasing a HEQ5 Pro, which I understand comes with a Polarscope. I will however soon be moving from London to Australia, and I wondered if the same polarscope would work all the way down there? ie, does it have both sets of alignment markings?

Or I am going to have to buy a new polarscope when I get there?



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The HEQ5 has a polarscope that has Polaris (Northern Hemisphere) and Octans (Southern Hemisphere) on the reticule markings.

I have never done it obviously but I am told Octans is tough to align to as the stars are all very dim.

If its any help you could ask the question of Australian astronomers who have to deal with it on Ice in Space forum.

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Well you could alway stump up for the Celestron CGEM one of whose wonders is any star polar alignment. I gather CGEM can handle polar alignment by merely being pointed north and then getting you to point it at three stars. Somehow the clever gubbins inside can calculate where the pole is and sort out the tracking accordingly.

No one will lend me one yet to take to bits though ;)

Might be worth you asking some of our antipodian friends about this stuff because prices might be a lot different down under and there may be all kinds of issues.

I seldom go to IIS cos its not verey relevant in the main to me but the guys there are nice and its a pretty friendly forum.

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I have an older HEQ5pro which I bought second hand in Oz.

The polar scope came with a dedicated southern Hemisphere reticle which shows Octans etc.

When I knew I was about to be transferred (exiled) in the UK, I purchased the northern Hemisphere version.

The recent NEQ6pro I believe has both the Northern/ Southern constellations shown on the same reticle.

IMHO based on 30 years experience in the Southern Hemisphere, you'll end up using the drift alignment method for accurate polar alignment and sart by just roughly pointing the mounting in the general direction of the pole. Only takes a few minutes, and the job is done.


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