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M81 and M82


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Had a bit of a windy night on Friday but I was setup and wanted to test some things.

This image was first light for my new f/6.3 reducer on my SkyMax127, which produced a fair amount of vignetting, which was sort of taken care of by my flats, but not entirely. It was shot at ISO1600, which was a mistake. I usually like to use ISO400, but failed to notice the camera was set wrongly. Since it was very windy, I used 1 minute subs (which was probably still too long for the conditions). No filters, and guided with PHD. Flats, Flat darks, Darks.

I'm not very proud of this image, but it does show both galaxies in a reasonable way. I've seen a lot better images of both. You can sort of almost see the spiral arms of Bode's. I presume the detail is lacking here due to the noisyness of ISO1600, lack of good subs, short length of subs, perhaps lack of LP filter to clean up some of the noise.

Anyway...thought I'd post it anyway since it sort of produced something to see... still... conditions weren't very ideal, so I was lucky to get this.



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