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Bright oval on Jupiter!

Paul G. Abel

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Greetings all!

Well it seems the Jupiter apparition is well under way! I was hoping to see Europa pass into Jupiter's shadow this morning; alas Jupiter decided to hide behind a chimney pot at the critical time!

Here's a drawing I made this morning. As you can see there is no sign of the SEB(S), indeed the SEB(N) is weak and grey in colour. A number of festoons present in EZ. The NEB was rather turbulent, some good details present here. The seeing was only average at best, so many of the fine features and some of the belts appear to be rather weak in the drawing.

A rather prominent white oval can be seen in the NEB on the fol. side of the disk. The GRS is just coming into view.

Best wishes,



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A cracking sketch Paul. Those white ovals in the NEB(N) are very interesting. I had spotted the larger of those white ovals on the right last weekend. It looks like it hasn't shifted significantly in CM yet.

The smaller oval I got last night, just rotating onto the disk. It was accompanied by some very interesting diagonal rifting too. That oval is a new one and worth tracking - both are worth tracking.

The EZ is looking complex at the mo - all very intriguing. ;)

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