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I understand with my mount that I will get rotation with very long exposures but I keep getting wiggly worms!

Is this the mounts fault, my fault, some settingI need to adjust in my mount or ???

Any help would be appreciated.


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Exposure for that image was 60 seconds and the tripod is out on the balcony of a first floor flat. The base is concrete with a lead coating, not sure If that helps but if you needy further info before solving my problem i will be more than happy to give it to you!

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Might be wrong here but it looks to me like the scope is suffering from some sort of vibration.

Are you sure the surface it is stood on is good with no vibrations? It might also be poor tracking, mount moving roughly.



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Windless night here and I don't go near the scope, I stay inside sat down not moving as I thought I could be causing it to move if i wandered around much indoors.

I may be able to get an avi file made to show this movement, maybe then you can see more the problem

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it has happened really since i had the scope.

I can get some images of say 30 secs that look ok, then after a few of them i get small movements.. then the object just seems to drift off out of shot, its really strange. I just had a 30 minute session observing Jupiter through the EP and whilst it did slowly drift in the EP the amount was nominal and I only adjusted manually once or twice to get dead centre, it never looked like it was going to go out of shot.

Could it be the weight of the camera causing this? maybe the mount cannot cope with this weight?

If it was just bounce or vibrations then the image would remain fairly central if somewhat fuzzy, it just seems once i have something central it will be perfect for a short while, maybe 20 or 30 secs, then a few small wobbles are noted and it just then gets worse and moves out of shot. Maybe if i get chance I will align several images and plot the course.

It always seems to be in the ALT direction that this occurs, AZI direction seems ok?

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It might be balance, I've got the 8SE, I load it up with the camera etc off the mount and balance it over a pencil then put a mark on the dovetail, then when on the mount, line up the mark with the arrow on the top of the mount

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