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Perfect therapy

yeti monster

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Today I took one of my depressive turns, really racked off and fed up.

I almost didn't go out, but the lure of yet another clear sky had me at the EP by 21:30.

I set myself 3 targets, Trifid, Lagoon and Eagle.

Trifid and Lagoon proved far too easy, as I could see the smudge with nekkid eye, but what a fantastic sight, the pair in the same FOV, Trifids nebulocity wonderful and the cluster of stars that is Lagoon just dazzling!

EDIT: I was mistaken, the cluster adjacent to Trifid isn't Lagoon, it seems that I missed lagoon altogether, still, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Lagoon will have to wait.

Hunting for Eagle took some time, as it was directly above the yellow handrail that reflects the flood lights from the crane, thus washing out the fainter stars, never mind the fuzzies.

By star hopping and guess work I finally found it. again wonderful nebulocity and after a while I was picking out the darker parts. I must have spent 15-20 minutes just following Eagle across the sky, absorbing the delight of yet another fuzzy hunted down.

I returned into the accomodation a much cheerier Subsea engineer than the one who reluctantly set up his scope.

Thanks fellow SGL forumeers for your continuing support, not only of me, but of all astronomers, regardless of age, skill, experience and ability. ;)

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Well, you are a part of the Forum yourself, and your contributions do contribute to SGL's success, so you can congratulate yourself too. You certainly aren't isolated, even stuck on a platform in the South China Sea.;)


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