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the tail of cygnus

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Hey guys,

its already a few days ago i went online.

but it came because of my school and work.

since last wednesday i am a happy owner of an QSI 583 WS,it was already sent from the US to holland but i asked the dealer to hold the camera in his warehouse because of my exams were coming up.

this weekend ill go to souther france with Karel Teuwen.

but last night i had a clear night so i went very quick outside setting everything up (losmandy G-11 with orion 80mm F11 guidescope and qhy 5 + the QSI 583 WS with only an baader 7nm Ha filter (1,25'') and my canon 70-200 2.8 IS on 135mm )


ok then i did 5x10 minuts exposure with the ccd cooled to -10 degrees celcius,and then stacked it, i did not use any dark/bias or flat frames.

so in my opinion....i think this is a great first shot....

this is my first experience with CCD and narrowband imaging.

can't wait to start with the ddm 85 and a longer focal length !!

p.s.( stars can be a bit oval it was 1x1bin but i made the resolution smaller because of some guiging issues )

kindly regards, Erwin


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yeah indeed, now i need to find time to test it.

at this moment the setup is not blown to the ground yet ;)

here a photo i made 2days ago, QSI 583 with 17-40 F4 from canon on 20mm F4

chip -10 degrees celcius, 10x10 minuts exposure +20 darks


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