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Ugliest Lightbox ever!


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With postings of the most beautiful lightboxes prevalent at the moment, I hesitated to show my effort. But here is the one I made for my C8:

Material list:

1/ Opal 3mm Acrylic Perspex Plasic Sheet 297x420mm (A3) £2.77+pp

Trent Plastics Fabrications Ltd Ebay.

2/ 5mm Foamboard 840x600mm £4.00 Hobbycraft.

3/ UFO Mode 60 led camping light £5.00 (Ebay)

4/ Duct tape

5/ Velcro tape for fixing lid.

I made the internal size 297mm so that I'd only need to cut the

acylic once. No glue was used, the whole thing is held together

with duct tape, and the light unit is a tight push fit.

It ain't the most beautiful but it works and at under £20..........




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Upstart! Pretender!!

Mine is far uglier than that but for reasons of general public health and the widespread sanity of the nation I cannot possibly publish its grotesque countenance on a public forum....


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Suppose it matters little as to whether they are pretty or not. As long as they do the Biz.


Ah, but that's where I win the Ugly Duckling competition; mine, I have discovered, cannot generate blue flats. Gordon Bennet, when will it end? All other flats are fine but blue is just nonesense, a huge gradient. Must be the spectrum of the bulbs I suppose. I can use a computer screen but - ah - that would be too easy; the computer screen won't generate Ha flats. AAAARRRRGGGHH. ;)

I decided not to buy another panel when the first one died but now I am just going to buy two and have a spare. How folks do daytime sky flats I have no idea. Light blazes in from all sides when I try it, but that might be to do with where I live.



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