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Last night while I was imaging The trifid nebula I heard and saw an amazing sight. While I was checking how the imaging was going I heard a load crack - it sounded like a shotgun going off about a mile away but it echoed off all the hills around my place. Immediately afterwards was a sound like van sliding door closing and I thought who's that down our road (no one is ever down our road, it's a very long way from anywhere). I then thought all of that sounded a bit like fireworks - but again who would be doing fireworks way out here??

I then had the answer as my eye caught the tail end of a very bright streak heading off to the North West. I didn't see the start of it - certainly heard it though. Wow what an experience!:D


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What an amazing experience, Sam! ;)

The same thing happened a number of years ago in the southern part of Wisconsin, wish i'd have been there. It flew right alongside (and parallel to) the main expressway during rush hour and was seen and heard by lots of people. The newscaster on television referred to it as a 'bolide'. I'm glad you were lucky enough to see/hear one. :)

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