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NGC 4656-My stars look any better now?


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Hello again!

Im still trying to get the MPCC+camera to sit flush and flat in the Moonlite (thanks to the inset lip on the MPCC), and have had trouble getting my stars to not look oblong.

I adjusted it and played with it lastnight and decided to try to image and see how it turned out.

This is NGC 4656...and Ill go ahead and say HAD I KNOWN that this is usually taken with 'The Whale' galaxy I would have done it, but since its not listed in the New CCD astronomy tool thingie from Ron, I couldnt see them together to know!

It was only AFTER I had imaged this and did a google to see how mine compared to others that I realized this is the 'Hockey stick' that accompanies The Whale. grin.gif

Anyways, Im hoping my stars look better but I was curious what others might think.

Here is NGC 4656.

4x300 Lum with flats and darks.



G11 w/Gemini


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They look small and button like to me. In fact just dandy, but why not show the comparison between this, and the image with the dodgy stars.? As I say, these look fine, but it would be good to see the improvement you have achieved compared to the other one.


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Good point Ron and thank you for the help.

I created a thread here showing off how my stars were oblong on my IC 1396 a week or so ago in the equipment thread, it never occurred to me to post a comparison-youre a smart guy!

Here is the oblong stars in my IC 1396 to compare with.


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Im sorry. I forgot to mention that others have told me they think it was my guiding, tracking...or the fact that I did not weed out some of the bad exposures on that IC 1396 which I think was 24x300 seconds.

This next one is where I tried to weed out the bad exposures more and redo it again with less than the original 24 exposures. I forget how many are in this but I took out a bunch that I thought were BAD exposures.

Others have said THIS IC 1396 looked like the stars were better, but I didnt adjust anything, I only removed what I thought were some of the 'bad' exposures.

Here it is again with some of the 'bad' exposures removed:


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