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The first thing you saw through your new scope?

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having bought my daughter a Skywatcher 130p for an xmas gift i wanted, we set it up every night for a week but due to relentless cloud cover could not see anything, when the cloud cover relented we targeted M42 the Orion Nebula, and what a sight, we spent the next 3 nights looking at it with the kids as we couldn`t find anything else in the night sky to look at.

it`s a big place outthere

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First thing I looked at was Saturn - and very surprised and relieved that it really was Saturn. Amazing. My partner and grandson were blown away by the pin-sharp view of the rings. Then we looked at Mars but it was so small it was hard to be certain it was Mars. Very red though. After that we pointed it at Mizar - my first double!

The first nebula I ever saw through my little telescope was M57. An amazing sight, but I haven't shown it to my family as you only get to see it at midnight!

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Hmm with my first scope had to check my observing book - 17th Jan 1996 - it was Venus!!

With the ST80 - Saturn

Now will have to wait and see tonight as the Evostar 120 has just arrived, I thinks its going to be clouds though.

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a bit of dark sky with faint objects, that was until i swung across an aligned with the moon, a full moon!! which i cud still see in my right eye for the next 2 or 3 days. ;)

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The tree the the bottom of the garden, the moon, and then jupiter I knew was hooked the second I saw jupiter's moons strung out in a straight line on one side of the planet.

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