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I need more Dob knowledge

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Hi All

I am suffering a major knowledge/experience gap and cannot seem to look through enough scopes, quickly enough to get a proper comparison.

I have made the jump from 3 inch frac to 5 inch mak and 10 inch SCT. I am now wetted for the dob experience.

Basically, are Hilux coatings on a 12 worth the aperture of a 14 or 16?

Do i go OO 350 or Intelliscope XX14 or LB...........or do I sell a few bikes and go to Dave Lukehurst for a 16 with 1/4 or 1/10 wave.

If I have to think about this much longer, I may just give up and get another SCT for safety.


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I can understand your frustration Dalglish. Sometimes making a choice is difficult through lack of knowledge. The only sensible advice I could offer, is why not wait, at least until you are equipped with enough knowledge of the Dobs available these days.

Why not visit Kelling Star Party in the Autumn, and you will probably gain a lot of knowledge from the guys and gals who will be happy to share what they know. You will probably get to use most of the scopes that are in the category that interests you.

It's a fabulous place to meet other amateurs.

I know September is a long way off, and you probably want to get cracking now.


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