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Just looking for info on the most suitable grease to get for the cg5 gt. Im going to have a proper go at stripping down the dec axis as ive noticed it still cant rotate 360deg without resistence in parts. It might explain why I have so much hassle when guiding East of the meridian.

Ive been looking at the maplin website and as there is a store in town, it would only take me 20min to nip down and get some.

There are a few choices though, but one thing is for sure - it must be able to cope with the cold. Choices are as follows:

1) White lithium grease (min temp -10)

2) Maplin silicone grease with PTFE (min temp not stated) :D

3) Multi-purpose silicone grease (min temp -5)

Personally, I think it should be the PTFE stuff. But since its min temp is not stated I thought it might be best to check with you guys first.

Thanks in advance for the info!

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From reading this and other forums (wash my mouth out :D), the one that seems to get a good recommendation is Super Lube

got mine from:

Super Lube Synthetic Grease with PTFE - 12g Tube - Accessories - Align-Trex.co.uk, Specialist supplier of kits and spares for R/C Align Helicopters

temp range of -43 to 232 C - so think would work for most people :p


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Thanks guys, in the end I took a look at the Maplin PTFE (teflon) grease and it was rated down to -20 (not that its ever going to get that cold!). It was a little thinner than I expected though (came as a spray type), but after application it seemed to stick ok.

I saw that superlube stuff at RS components, but decided with maplin as I could get the job done on the same day (while I still have time).

Astroboys CG5 strip-down guide was excellent, I followed it to the letter and the whole DEC arrangement seems to move a lot more freely now with the clutch disenganged (including under gravity).

The only downside..... I got a bit of it in my eye, doesnt half sting a bit! :D

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