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RDF or finderscope on 80ED?

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I'm finalising my proposed new portable set up. This will involve demounting my Orion 80ED form the back of the LX200 in my obsrevatory and mounting it on an EQ5 Pro mount. I currently rely on the finderscope on the LX200 and a Rigel Quikfinder for centreing on targets.

For the portable set up I see that I have 3 options:

1 - Buy a multi reticle red dot finder and rely on using my 30 mm Widescan III eyepiece for centreing objects (disadvantage of having to take off the camera every time I want to centre on a new target) - cost = £34.

2 - Buy a 6 x 30 finderscope and a spare base for the Quikfinder - cost = £45. (disadvantage of having large RDF mounted on an already crowded telescope tube)

3 - another option I haven't yet thought of. (disadvantage of not knowing what this option might be!)

Ideas on a postcard to ...

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Is there an adaptor for fitting a Meade 50mm finderscope on to a Synta type mount?

Ah there you have me, actually I have a Meade guidescope and it won't fit into the synta holder, it is too big. I must admit I got a S/H RA synta guidescope as I was so fed up contorting to see through the straight through type.

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