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Hi from Edinburgh


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I'd just like to say Hello :D

I used to have a 4" Tal-1 Newtonian, but I lived on the 4th floor in the centre of Edinburgh for about 10 years, so I never managed to get out of town to use the scope in clear skies.

Now I've moved right to the edge of the city, I've picked up myself a 6" Celestron SCT from one of your members (thanks Gary!) on a CG-5GT mount to take a look.

I've enjoyed my observations when I've had the chance, but I'd really like to try astrophotography, so I'm accumulating equipment to allow me to do this.

I apologies in advance for any dumb astrophotography questions I might ask...

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Welcome Skuber, I live in Edinburgh as well, in Gilmerton (where are you?). Ask as many questions as you like!

BTW since I wont be too far away, if you want to come over sometime and see what kit etc I have then I am sure we can arrange something.

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Thank you for the nice welcome guys :D

I stay over at Fairmilehead - almost at the foot of the dry ski slope.

It's much better than the town centre for light pollution, but I swear there's clouds that just hang over my house!

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Hi Skuber, welcome to SGL. :D

I'm also not that far away from you in West Lothian and a member of the same observing group as Blinky. Good luck with the imaging, you'll find a lots of great info on here to help. :p


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