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Jupiter GRS and IO Moon 27.6.10

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1st time i have viewed and imaged GRS on Jupiter, so i'm well chuffed :D, was great seeing GRS on laptop screen too,

need to redo these in next few days but heres quick process of couple avi's i've been messing about with today,

much more detail showing than my last effort, just need to get my processing sorted

was very gusty last night so found it hard to get lots of frames

seeing and conditions at best 7/10 more like 6/10

1st pic is just 250/400 stack time was 3.45am alt about 20degrees

2nd and 3rd pics are 450/600 stack time was 4.15am alt about 24degrees

u can see how much the GRS has moved in 30mins

think might have got Junior aswell but need to reprocess to bring it out better

Used 127mm Mak with x2 Barlow @f/23.6

K3CCD for capture @ 10fps,

reg 5 for stacking and Gimp for colour tweak

2nd and 3rd pick should just show IO moon of to left of Jupiter,

need to reprocess these 2

comments advice appreciated




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many thx for all comments guys

Very nice images you got there especially like the last 1 , did you use the neo filter on the camera ?

thx, just UV/IR filter was used with these pics

i did try using with Neo filter aswell but it dimmed the image a bit too much

(another reason for bigger aperture lol)

cheers James

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heres some more processing done on above images

1st pic touch up and added text to 3rd pic above

2nd pic was full restack and reprocess less wavelets of same avi

3rd pic is 590/600 stack taken with astrocapture on laptop 4.10am

(other pics were using K3CCD and pc)

also done my 1st 3 frame GIF animation

showing GRS 30mins rotation

1st frame 3.45am, 2nd 4am, 3rd 4.15am

cheers James





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Lovely images good colour and detail, have yet to see the GRS through my scope. The Mak 127 is a great little scope altho just swapped mine for the Celestron 80ED.

Welldone keep up the good work

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