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help with equatorial mount for tracking manually

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Hi All.

Ok,i just got a celestron cg-4 equatorial mount for my little vixen mak and my refractor.

How do i set it up so i can manually track say saturn with just using one of the slow motion controls?

Or do i have to sue them both to keep it centered?

Thanks Gaz

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when the mounting is set -up and the polar axis aligned with the pole star you'll only need to adjust the RA knob to keep an object in view.

Slide the balance weight to get the telescope in balance ( with the clamps undone)

Undo the RA and Dec clamps slightly to allow you to move the telescope in both axis to find the object; tighten the clamps and use both th RA and Dec knobs to bring the object close to the centre of the field of view, then after that's done it should only take the RA to keep it in view.

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You can set up well enough for visual work using a compass and the altitude scale on the mount. The other trick is to put the mount somewhere where you can see Polaris (maybe out in the street?) and align it (particularly for altitude). Then move it back to your normal observing position without adjusting the altitude bolts.

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For visual work, just set the altitude scale to your latitude and either use a compass (or guess!) to point the polar axis towards the pole.

This will get you close enough to start....

google "drift Alignment" - this will show you how to "refine" your aligment without having to see the pole star.

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Point the mount North using a normal compass (I use a North orientated guy rope between two tent pegs to line up), then you can set the altitude using a plumb line from the end of the main tube and measure the angle with a regular protractor. Alternatively - get a magnetic "wixey" (about £25) to set the mount altitude.

You can mark where the legs go on the ground so you can just position it next time without the compass. It's rough but perfectly adequate for observing. :D

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wicked,thanks for them quick replys,will get it outside soon ready for later,i think i may just be able to see it looking at stellarium,i will check 100% later.

Thanks for google tip.

Do any of you reckon the cg-4 would take my 200p when my rings arrive?

Thanks Gaz

The 200P is a too heavy for the EQ3-2 / CG4. The mount has capacity of about 5.5kg, the 200p ota weighs about 8.75kg.


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