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iOptron iEQ45 coming soon.

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It looks as if I will be getting an iOptron iEQ45 for testing, which should be more than a little interesting. However, looking at the manufacturer's site I am at a loss to know what one of these might be...

'it comes standard with a calibrated dark field illumination polar scope.'

I think I can guess but it's a funny way of putting it!


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G11 PE and pretty close to load capacity for £1500.. wow that's the competition at tha6t price point stuffed then..

So..I could happily slap a C11/TMB105 and guide scope on this at the same time... though losing EQMOD and all its wonders ...


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Well, 'coming soon' turned out to be a bit optimistic. It looks like early autumn for this one. Martin, I haven't seen a claimed PE yet. Obviously this will be the main issue in the review. Since few are likely to pay the extra cost over an EQ for purely visual use I will give it a good workout with the autoguider for imaging. I take all pre-production claims with a pinch of salt these days but I do hope this turns out to be a good one because the gap in the market has been there for ages. (Between EQ and G11.)


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Hi Guys, an update - I'm afraid we're getting a date of September/Nov now from iOptron for the first UK/EU shipment of iEQ45 mounts... Second shipment should be around Jan/Feb '11 but pushing for Dec '10. Orders are outstripping supply hence wait-list, sorry about this. The darkfield polar scope is basically one that shows red calibration marks against a dark background. The iEQ45 has a few HBX ports like the Minitower, so maybe you'll be OK with observatory programs...? Thanks, Nick

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I bet it hasn't arrived yet! Reading reports elsewhere it sounds like a competent mount but despite superficial external appearances certainly isn't a mach1. PE of =/-15 arc secs is how it came out on the test I saw. Reasonably smooth though.

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i have used the iEQ45.....

its pretty good, though quite noisy when slewing. Certainly looks like an AP, not its not up to the same standard. This could be a very good mount with just a few small tweaks.



Follow him where, back to Italy??


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