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Imaging through the whispy stuff


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A quick question to the more experienced imagers here... Do you still gather data when there's this really thin cloud hanging about? It almost looks clear, the stars are certainly visible, but is it going to be worth the effort? I've had several nights here recently where it's been kind of clear, but I wasn't convinced that it'd be worth my while because of the very small amount of thin cloud. Am I being over cautious? Or would it severely degrade the SNR?

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Thanks Peter, I thought it would probably be too damaging... Maybe I'll have a go to see what results I get. I'm still very much in the testing stage with all my new gear anyway, so any practice will be worthwhile, even if the data is a bit poor. I've still to get all the bits to work together, so that's a target of mine, then I'll be ready for when we finally get a proper clear night! :rolleyes:

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