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A Triumphant Return, Thanks To A Pair Of 15x70s

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Evening all!

I just wanted to say how much I'm loving the bino-astronomy!

I've had an 8inch dob for a while now, used to use it at my old house which was out in the sticks, so it had nice dark skies...but since I've moved into town, it hasn't been set up in months.

This is because, primarily, I was never very good at finding objects (the scope had no finder, and I didn't have the right eyepieces to give me a wide enough fov to hunt down the small fuzzies) and the light in town is pretty brutal, so I've just not bothered.

Then, I had an epiphany, with my newly aquired mode of transport (shiny new sportsbike :rolleyes: ) I could go for a ride all evening, and end up somewhere dark, and watch the skies. So, as I couldn't get my scope on the bike, I might as well pick up a set of decent binos to sling into a backpack.

And I picked up a pair of Celetron Skymaster 15x70s for a shade under £70, delivered the next day!

So, off I went, with the binos in my rucksack, ended up sat at the top of the watership down, and looked up.

I was blown away by the contrast, clarity and sheer number of stars on show, the bright stars were like car headlamps, the starfields had incredible depth, and then I spotted the fuzzies.

I didn't believe you could see so much with such a simple bit of kit. I haven't yet started to even try to identify all the dso's i've been seeing, I don't want to take my eyes off the skies!

I'm truly shocked at how much more enjoyment I'm getting out of my binos than my scope, I think I'll sell it to get a collapsable monopod!

I hope you won't mind me asking a lot of questions, but I want to get the most I can out of this rekindled fascination for the skies!

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I have ALWAYS preferred observing with bins rather then a scope. I do both in equal measure but i find using the bins a far more relaxing experience. Even though i have a pair of 20X90 bins...........i STILL find myself reaching for the 10X50s at the end of the night after using both my 130P scope and 20X90 bins.

There is something beautiful and calming about simply holding a pair of 10X50s in your hands and scanning the night sky.

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My scope is for imaging, my bino's for viewing. My 10x50s are great for scanning wide areas of sky and I'm really impressed by their contrast and sharpness....really enjoy them. My 15x70s really do bring in the detail but are a little heavy so are used on my Horizon 8150 tripod. Now using my BM45s are something else, to date my best astronomical purchase. The views through 100mm binos just draws you in and the number of stars saturating the view is unbelievable.

Bino's for viewing any day for me.......but then I've not got a 10"Dob.:rolleyes:

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I have to admit that I haven't used my 20x80s very much of late, due I think to finding the delights of a crisp focuser on the 10" SNT. However, when I unveiled the BIG bins at the recent Land Rover rally in Wakefield, they were a tremendous hit with the novices.

Being housed in their Maplins flight case, and the tripod in its shoulder bag, they are really easy to grab and go. A few weeks ago we spotted a hot air balloon coming over the hill and I had them set up in a flash.

Tracking ISS during high passes has been increadible and views of the moon and DSOs have depth that just isn't available with monocular optics.

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Dad's jolly lucky I didn't try out his Birthday present I got him (Revelation 15 x 70's), before I gave them to him.

He could well have ended up with a packet of cigars and a bottle of whiskey! ;)

They really are nice these 15 x 70's aren't they? I was gobsmacked!

p_t_b don't sell your dob! Bung a Skywatcher Light Pollution filter on it Light Pollution Reduction and a cheap RDF (Rigel? They are supposed to be great) Finders and you should get some great views in town too!

There's always bargain secondhand eyepieces available here on SGL, and if you need assistance setting your dob up (or which EP to get etc), there's all sorts of info here as well, and all sorts of fascinating and entertaining debates of pro's and con's as well. :)

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In my limited experiences of astronomy, so far I have owned and sold a mak 127, use my local clubs meade 14inch, a couple of Newtonians, and I don't feel as excited as I do looking through my Apollo 25x100s, I love the immersed wide field views, the only scope that has blown me away so far is a 102 takahashi refractor with its crisp hd quality views, so far the mean time, I will stick with my binos, if I want to look deeper into space the club members are happy to let me have a look in there scopes, saves me the money, but I am considering a flex tube 12inch dob or maybe a nice refractor in the future, but the binos are staying!

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Great report. I really enjoy my 10 x 50s. I use them when I have the scope set up to plan star hops and then switch to the scope for more detailed views. I also use them when the scope has the camera mounted on it and it's clicking away. As the view from the back garden is mainly to the south west and a bit restricted low down I take my bins up to the Ridgeway car park to get uninterrupted views of otherwise inaccessible objects. I have the sculptor galaxy next on my to-do list for this type of trip.

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