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Steel Tubing


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Try Hub Le Bas. They are the main tubing sockists in the UK. Might be lucky and get a cut piece to suit your needs. Be sure of what you want in the 1st instance though, ie ERW, CFS etc etc.

I just checked their stocklist and in ERW they hold 101.60mm x 3.25mm wall.


You can sometimes get lucky and find something at your local scrap yard. Of the real variety not the car breaker type.


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....and scrap merchants sell by weight :rolleyes:

Usually the full length cost for cut pieces applies for smaller stock (Often under 20mm diameter) Your milage may differ though. I buy 1000's of metres of all types of metals every year so I may get better deals than the one off sale.


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The local steel fabricators (not Jack the scrap!) are likely to have off-cuts - a bit hit and miss but if they have what you want then there is usually a bargain to be had. My local one is usually willing to cut to length on his big bandsaw as well.

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Here`s another option. I have a nice length of 4.5 inch dia (114mm dia) 3mm wall thickness tube at work. I could cut it to size and send it on to you.

Nice offer :rolleyes: Real SGL Spirit :) :)

I guess the spec is to allow the Mount adaptor to be taken out of the existing tube and refitted in the new longer one.. for the the legs the extra 1/2 inch onthe diameter wouldnt really matter...


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Hi All,

I have to say a big thank you to Phil Fargaze, for his gift of a 29" length of steel tubing. He came up trumps and sent me the tubing with holes drilled in exactly the correct places.

Thanks once again Phil, truly SGL style!

In photo, you can see the new tube from Phil with feet attached and the old tube next to it for height comparison.


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