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First Atik 383 shot


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Been very busy faffing around my new toys and now I can finally show my first result using the newly aquired Atik 383L+

The night sky never got really dark in that direction, you can see the gradient!

M101 in mono- SW 120ED+SW Flattener + IR filter 15x8mins +flats + darks.

PS - levels, curves and dust lane enhancement

Thanks for looking


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Very impressive Pete.

You've really caught some nice detail there. It's nice to know what this camera is capable of.

My guide camera should arrive this week and hopefully I'll have a bash at m101 when I get it. Great job.

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Great start. How did you get on with flats? How did you do them? I ask because the minimum exposure is quite long, isn't it, with the shutter? Anyway, they worked!


I bought a large square white canvas (oil painting type) from Denholm Mill £5 ish, I put it on the far wall of my roll off obsy so about 12ft away from the scope, white T shirt on the scope then illuminate the canvas from the other end of the shed with one of those round multi white light LED thingies, so the canvas is quite dimly lit, then use 3 sec exposure which luckily gives a good exposure and is enough time for the mechanical shutter to operate and thats how! :rolleyes:

BTW I found a 4 secs exposure saturates the image.

Can't wait to get a wheel and filters plus longer nights to faff around.

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Good shot.. flats at 3s sounds about right. I was between 3-4 on mine.

It's a no brainer camera for wide field work, that's for sure...if you can get used to the new way of working against a 285 based setup (longer flats, shutter etc)..

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Cheers all,

A potential problem I can foresee with my white LED lights on canvas system will come when I do flats for the colour sets.

White LEDs are blue and have a hint of another colour (green??) to fool the eye in making them look white, although they always look blue to me especially in the dark, so I wonder if the colour tint will muck up the RGB flats?

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Hi Pete,

It's very nice image. Congratulation for your work about the processing.

Also, the guiding is very good.


Cheers Franck,

I tried guiding through my WO 66 but it was not very good, too much flex, extension tube plus focuser a long way out didn't help, so I went back to my 50mm finderguider, so long as I set a fairly obvious inbalance in DEC, camera heavy, it is then very smooth indeed.

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It is not my first ever image as I have doen a few now with a DSLR but first with a cooled CCD.

Ah Okay, but its still bloomin good, I will probably be skipping the DSLR step and straight to CCD, I have no need to buy a DSLR.

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