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mak 150 help choosing accessories!

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hello everybody

i am new in astronomy, i buy a skywhatcher mak 158/1800 f/12 few mounts ago, i already have a baader hyperyon zoom and a barlow celestron ultima, meade 32mm 1,25

i have few questions

-i red somewhere to change the diagonal with a william optic 1.25 dielectric for better view: it is true??

-i whant a eyepiece for planets many people recomand a ortho, a 6mm will be ok or is to much for f/12??

can you recomand a EP with bigger eyerelief for planets instead of ortho

not very expensive

thank you

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You can use good Plossl or TMB Planetary eyepiece. 6mm eyepiece would give 300x which is the limit for 6". Depending on your seeing conditions you may not be able to use such maginification often :)

Stock diagonal is usually a cheap addon, so a better one can improve the view. There are some econo solutions like Antares, Scopeteknix diagonals, and high end like WO :rolleyes:

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I recently bought a mak 127 (the baby brother of your scope) and I was surprised with the (high) quality of the diagonal. A fair test is the "double double" in Lyra. if you can split the components at about 100x then your diagonal is fine and improvements with an upgrade would be marginal (IMHO).

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If there is no real problem with the diagonal a WO one will be nice, however I suspect that the one you have reflects 95 or 96%, a WO will reflect say 99.5%. Your eyes will not be able to tell the difference in brightness.

If the flatness and surface finish is not good that I would say that a WO will be better in respects of quality for that. So you may see an improvement in sharpness.

OverallI would say not as much an improvement as you may be expecting.

As to an EP, 12mm is probably best, and for more magnification a 9mm. 6mm is I suspect too much and although it may be OK occasionally I would say that it means perhaps once or twice a year, maybe's less. So pretty useless most of the time. Buy one that will get used.

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