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Need a case for my Celestron Nexstar 8 GPS... I have no idea where to start...

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Hi All,

I am looking to acquire some sort of carry case or storage case for my Celestron Nexstar 8 GPS. It's a bit of a beast as most SCT's are, and so I was thinking along the lines of a travel suitcase perhaps?? I have heard of other people buying large flight-cases from places such as Maplin I believe.

Can anyone suggest a way of doing this. Also my budget is by no means limitless, so the cheaper the better, but of course it has to offer quite good protection. This might be asking the impossible... cheap and good... comes along occasionally I suppose :rolleyes:

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Fligt Cases can be very expensive I bought my Meade with a Pelican Case which would cost around £200 alone.

It might be worth checking to see it any Pro Audio website are selling off some flight cases, as you might get a bargain there.

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the foam supplied with the scope fits nicely into one of the B&Q toolcases, it even has wheels on it and all for £40

cant remember which one it was, and it only fits in one way, but it holds it well and its cheap, maybe worth a look

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