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I invested in a Ha clip filter for modded my 1000d - I have never tried to use it on an unmodded camera but would speculate that it blocks so much light you would get virtually nothing. The bayer matr

Hi Peter, I'm impressed with the results you get with a relatively wide (30nm) spectrum. What's your thoughts on the 12nm Ha filter? Any advantages, apart from cost?

I found SII was very difficult still even with my modded 450D and 2" SII filter, however Ha was vastly improved over an umodded camera as one would expect, especially as there are plenty of targets ou

I can't see that modding will have much effect on O111 or S11. O111 has certainly been done with DSLRs but the imagers describe it as agonizingly slow. (I find this odd because there are two green pixels per cluster of four and really the blue ought to pick up a bit as well. Can anyone explain this?)


May be because OIII is at 500.7nm, low end of green and the peak green in a DSLR is a bit higher.

Would need to see the QE curves for the DSLR and compare it to OIII etc.

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I'm about to buy an Astronomik clip in since I don't have a telescope its the only way to filter my camera. Which one is best the 6nm or 12nm? They are expensive ouch. Then again my guider parts started out to budget around 400 bucks and ended up being close to a grand so I'll wince but pony up the money. Can't find any of the 6nm so I guess I'm going to have to go with the 12 but if the 6 is beter I'll wait.


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You can get adapters which enable you to attach a 2" filter to a camera lens. I'm not sure how well having a NB filter so far from the sensor would work.



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